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The Lee's

Inspired 2014.



It has been such a great pleasure for me to share my story. I hope you got to laugh as much as I did.  It is a short romance novel about how I set out to look for a job and ended up receiving way more than what I was searching for. Jesus Christ is the one I can thank for all of that. I never had an interest for reading until my mentor came into my life and instilled in me the importance of reading. I learned that reading is power, and power is reading and if you read and understand what you read, then you can change your life, you can change the world. Reading can become one of your greatest assets. To all the readers, I pray that you continue in your journey of reading and gain as much wisdom and knowledge as you possibly can, and to all the non-readers (like me), I hope and pray that you get more in tune with reading and overcome the stigmas about reading, and read, read, read, and know that.............

 Love Always              


 "if you read my book, then you can read any book."

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